About me

I am a creative guy who always tries to look at things from a different perspective, to find new solutions or other alternatives to solve problems.

I like movies (see the movie blog), I read many blogs and specialised websites, I like to keep myself informed of all new (see the news), I like beautiful things, I love to make things look beautiful and everything great (see the time spent in design). I like to coordinate teams of people, but also I fit well in a group where I can do great teamwork. I like to work with great and responsible people, but who can provide the freedom for creativity and feedback.

Florian Besnea

I love to play fifa on playstation, the boeuf salad made by my mother is my favorite dish of food, my favorite movie is Batman (new series) and Swamp Attack is my favourite mobile game. I like team sports, I occasionally go to the gym (although you could not tell). I love to travel (maybe everybody does), I love crowded cities and I think I have the best friends in the world.