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Florian Besnea | Bucharest, Romania

“Action is character. If you never do anything you will never be anybody.” (An education)


Project or Company Job Time
Philips Digital Marketing Specialist August 2014 – Present Developer and manager of the digital capabilities for South Country Group of CEE Market both for B2B and B2C channels.
The Unlike Producer January 2014 – Present day Producer and designer of the YouTube video project: The Unlike.
Punct Creativ Designer March 2011 – June 2014 Designer and Coordinator of Punct Creativ creative boutique.
D’Inno Lab Designer June 2013 – December 2013 Designer of the social innovation project D’Inno Lab.
Morey’s Piers Games operator June 2010 – September 2010 Operator of different entertainment assets in Morey’s Piers amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey.
BOS Romania Advertising Manager June 2009 – June 2010 Coordinator of the advertising department at BOS Romania, a student NGO.
Filme Tari Project Manager October 2007 – September 2013 Blogger, chief editor and communication guy of the best movie blog in Romania.




1. Philips

Develop and manage the digital capabilities for South Country Group of Central and Eastern Europe both for B2B and B2C channels.

• Build and manage the relation with e-tailers and digital contacts of partners.
• Manage search activities for both SEA and SEO. Maintain relation and supervise SEO and SEA agencies.
• Manage social media channels including social dialog & social listening. Maintain relation and supervise Social Media agency.
• Manage websites content & digital analytics. Monitoring quality of websites product content addressing issues if required with internal agency.
• Regular cooperation with CEE Marketer for Content & Social Media and CEE Marketer for Search & Analytics.
• Maintain positive NPS and UGCR scores for digital touch points.
• Coordinate local leads management process.
• Coordinate, localize and adapt CEE and global digital campaigns.
• Develop e-commerce capabilities in the relation with e-shops. Content management & Syndication, lead management, implementation of buy buttons, BMEcat and Pixel tracking.

Philips Lighting

The time spent in the company was an important step in the growth of my professional development. With a vast amount of trainings, the knowledge accumulated and also with the fields of digital capabilities developed I was able to learn and practice marketing at the level of an international company with high impact not only locally but also in the indent countries of the region. Our local actions are best practices all around the world.

2.The Unlike

In March 2013, me and my friend Alex Ionita created the first Romanian YouTube weekly news-show: The Unlike Show. In January 2014 we took things further by establishing a video production company named The Unlike. This project is build from a series of videos targeted to the public aged 22-30 years who use Internet resources for information and wish to discover some of the latest news around the globe in a entertaining manner.

Within the project, I manage the concept creation and the production, as well as the direction of the videos.

The Unlike Show is a short weekly video production which brings to public attention the previous week most interesting information and events that are not so easy to find in traditional media.

Shooting Alex Shooting Alex 2

Intreviewuri is a monthly video-product that features interviews taken on the street or at different cultural, social or artistic events with ordinary people as well as celebrities.

Survivor Rasnov is the first Romanian reality-show produced by amateurs. The show is inspired by the international TV series Survivor and shows the 16 contestants who compete for 16 hours in a series of physical and mental competitions as well as in a social game at the end of which the winner goes home with a cash prize.

Youtube Channel The Unlike Show

3. Punct Creativ

I coordinated the activity of Punct Creativ creative boutique team, a 10-people group mastering skills such as design, web design and advertising for startups and more. The team delivered from simple graphic layouts to full campaigns to clients from the IT, banking and healthcare fields.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 13.04.29

In the last year the boutique focused on branding and visual identity for companies. My job included maintaining relations with the clients, finding new businesses, creating designs and finding strategic solutions for the existing portfolio.

The boutique also delivered trainings for student NGOs in fields such as advertising, graphic design and marketing.

schita 1 schita 2

4.D’Inno Lab

Designer of the social innovation project “D’Inno Lab”. I created the project’s visual identity and contributed to the communication process throughout the project’s 7 months.

dinno lab

The project was launched on the 1st of July 2013 and proposed prototyping technology as solutions for some of the problems young people in Romania are facing, through a methodology called Design Thinking. The issues were identified with the help of the non-governmental sector representatives who were invited to bring forward solutions that were then analyzed and discussed by technology and communication experts, as well as various civil society actors.

At a result, the first methodology about Design Thinking in Romanian was created at the end of the project.

Metodologie Design Thinking

5.Filme Tari Movie Blog

I am the founder of the online movie review platform Filmetari ( and also of the online video channel FilmeTari TV ( featuring weekly video film reviews. The Filmetari team developed the web publishing platform entirely (an excellent opportunity for me to gain knowledge and develop code in html, php, as well as some web design work). I was the editor in chief and coordinated the editorial policy and the marketing campaigns (including SEO, SEM and UX).

Festival de Cannes

We were 2 people back in 2007 and years later Filmetari became a full editorial team with people passionate about movies and the film industry.

Roblogfest 2012 cluj tiff

We won twice the Roblofest award for “Best Movie Blog” (in 2010 and 2012), we were the first movie blog from Romania accredited to Festival de Cannes (2010, 2011) and we participated or were invited to all the major movie events in Romania (festivals, movie premieres, awards).

Badges un certain regard

7.Morey’s Piers

Operator of different types of games in Morey’s Piers amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey. I was responsible with receiving clients, explaining the programs and games and managing the park’s commercial locations.

New York

8. BOS Romania

I was the Advertising Department Coordinator at the BOS Romania student organisation. The group emulates a creative department of an advertising agency and deals with the concept of marketing campaigns. During my mandate, the team delivered advertising campaigns for the following projects: Business is Fun, PRoud to Advertise, Mythbusters and IT is Business. My management activity included creating a team of students, finding key people with different skills (copywriting, art direction, dtp), conducting trainings with external trainers and good cooperation with the other departments of the organization. The department’s management position offered a place in the organization’s executive board, where I was in charge with the strategy for the growth of the NGO’s awareness.

proiect BOS training





University Status Time
National School of Political Science and Public Administration Master years 2011 – 2013 Communication and Advertising in English
The Alternative University – CROS Student 2012 – 2013 New Media and Leadership
The Academy of Economic Studies Bachelor’s Degree 2007 – June 2010 Cibernetics, Statistics, Economy and Computer Science


My skills

“If you are good at something never do it for free.” (The Dark Knight)



Spoken languages



Language Level
Romanian native
English advanced
French beginner


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